Wrapping up Culinary I & II Programs for Spring 2017

Wrapping up Culinary I & II Programs for Spring 2017

With a summer of farmer’s markets and graduation around the corner for many of our interns, our first run of programming came to an end the last week of May.

Executive Director, Daniel, and Program Director, Hillary joined our David Douglas High School interns for an afternoon of dessert making. Our interns made a play on the traditional English dessert, trifle. Carefully combining layers of crushed vanilla cookies, with strawberries and whipped cream cheese, our interns meticulously plated their last creation for this school year. Once their sweet treats were complete, we all met in a circle to eat and share our experiences over the past few months. Our interns were asked to share what they got out of the program, as well as what they would like to see incorporated into future terms. This input will be used by Bread & Salt Academy to tailor future curriculum and guide us in selecting the guest chefs we seek out for the fall.

With this first round of interns were many moments of excitement and success. Our interns were able to cook with a variety of chefs in the area who all had a new tip or lesson to teach them. Additionally, we were joined by representatives of several different companies, such as Elephant’s Delicatessen and Pure Simple Juice. From owners to HR managers, we had guests who were able to offer job-hunting guidance, mock interviews, and invaluable feedback for our interns to take forward with them in their careers. Even more exciting than these opportunities to practice building a network, were the possibilities for employment that the guests presented.

Furthermore, Bread & Salt Academy’s Daniel and Hillary, Executive Director and Program Director, respectively, will be keeping busy this summer by staffing the organization’s food stand at the Moreland and Woodstock Farmer’s Markets. They will be employing a few of the interns as they help guide them in their food service skills and career development.


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