Sharing Bread & Salt

Sharing Bread & Salt

Students from David Douglas High School showed up for the B&SA after-school program the first day to check us out.

These students had taken food science classes, and cooking classes, all of them avid kitchen enthusiasts, and were looking for the next step, but they were a tad wary.

Understandable, right?

Maybe Bread & Salt might be that next step.

We told them that we were starting a box lunch catering program, and that we would like them to participate in the process with us. Although most of the menu was decided, we wanted their feedback to choose the sandwiches, and so asked each student take a note card and pencil and load up on the sandwiches.

Most of the kids were not shy and dove into the platters.

Silence for a few minutes.

Next the program intake forms, safety and sanitation drills and an introduction to the B&SA kitchen rules.

We had a break down time with the interns, wrapped up the introduction, and informed them that we were getting dirty next class.

Breaking down whole chickens.

Couple of the interns swept the extra sandwiches up, tidied up and day one was a wrap!

Pesto! That was tough! Really liked how bright the cranberry was + I didn’t think I’d like it as much

Turkey (all time fav!) Love cranberry + chevre! sweet taste w/ turkey– great pair

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