• YOUR DONATION will help Bread and Salt Academy (BaSA) teach youth culinary and restaurant skills in preparation for careers in the hospitality industry. The culinary curriculum is the backbone of the program with which we have integrated nutritional awareness and a structured vocational system.

• YOUR DONATION will help students meet and cook with local chefs and undergo interviewing and resume exercises. All of these actions prepare interns for the culminating activity, an off site catering gig serving dinner at senior centers and other committed partners. This not only provides real life, professional experience, but also serves to demonstrate the importance of giving back to one’s community.

• YOUR DONATION will help Bread and Salt Academy  provide opportunities for interns to participate in the BaSA box lunch and catering programs. The box lunch and catering facets of the organization will provide resume-building activities alternative revenue so that interns may attend BaSA for free, increased self-efficacy, and real world teamwork experiences.