Bread & Salt Interns Prepare for the Future

Bread & Salt Interns Prepare for the Future

This past week was an exciting time for our David Douglas High School interns. With summer around the corner, which means graduation for many, our interns are starting to look towards the future. Part of Bread & Salt Academy’s mission is to help our interns prepare to enter the food industry professionally.

Many interns were surprised to learn that this week representatives from Pure Simple Juice and Elephant’s Delicatessen would be joining us for a round of mock interviews. With the excitement in the air, we had one task to complete first – a Living Kitchen Drill. Before the interns arrived, our Program Director, Daniel, set up four stations in the kitchen. Our interns would work in small teams to see how many onions, carrots, garlic, and celery they could cut in two-minute intervals. At the conclusion of each two-minute period, they were instructed to admire their work and see how much they were able to prepare in such a short period of time, before moving to the next station of produce.

Our interns got to work and quickly prepped the vegetables at their station. Silence was in the room as they maintained focus and practiced their knife skills. From station to station they rotated, making sure to call out standard kitchen warnings, such as “behind!” and “knife!”. After 10 minutes our Living Kitchen Drill concluded and our interns speedily cleaned the kitchen to prepare for their guests.

Moving into our classroom, Lydia from Pure Simple Juice and Nay from Elephant’s Delicatessen were at the front of the class. Lydia shared some background on herself and told the story and mission of her company Pure Simple Juice. Our interns learned about the importance of using fresh, local ingredients and how these both influence the nutritional content of Pure Simple Juice’s cold-pressed offerings. Along with this, Lydia brought an array of juices and nut milks for our interns to sample, which was quite the tasty treat! Next up, our interns got a chance to learn about a local company, Elephant’s Delicatessen. Nay runs the Human Resources department and was able to share much insight about the company’s practices and what they look for during the hiring process. Furthermore, beyond Elephant’s Delicatessen, Nay used her experience as a Hiring Manager to offer many gems of advice for job applicants.

As both of our guests concluded, we broke up into groups and allowed our students to meet with our interviewers to hone in on interviewing skills. Though some interns were initially feeling shy, this opportunity and practice gave them the confidence to apply their skills and further be prepared to enter the workforce.

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